Autopsy  3.1
Graphical digital forensics platform for The Sleuth Kit and other tools. Member List

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addCarvedFile(String carvedFileName, long carvedFileSize, long systemId, List< TskFileRange > sectors)
addCarvedFiles(List< CarvedFileContainer > filesToAdd)
addDerivedFile(String fileName, String localPath, long size, long ctime, long crtime, long atime, long mtime, boolean isFile, AbstractFile parentFile, String rederiveDetails, String toolName, String toolVersion, String otherDetails)
addLocalDirInt(CaseDbTransaction trans, VirtualDirectory parentVd, localFile, FileAddProgressUpdater addProgressUpdater)
addLocalFileInt(AbstractFile parentFile, localFile, CaseDbTransaction trans)
addLocalFilesDirs(List< String > localAbsPaths, FileAddProgressUpdater addProgressUpdater)
addLocalFileSetRootDir(CaseDbTransaction trans)
FileManager(SleuthkitCase tskCase)
findFiles(Content dataSource, String fileName)
findFiles(Content dataSource, String fileName, String dirName)
findFiles(Content dataSource, String fileName, AbstractFile parentFile)
openFiles(Content dataSource, String filePath)

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