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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.Indexer Class Reference

Private Member Functions

BlackboardAttribute checkAttribute (String key, String value)
void createMetadataArtifact (AbstractFile aFile, Map< String, String > metadata)
boolean extractStringsAndIndex (AbstractFile aFile)
boolean extractTextAndIndex (Optional< TextExtractor > extractorOptional, AbstractFile aFile, Map< String, String > extractedMetadata) throws IngesterException
CharSource getMetaDataCharSource (Map< String, String > metadata)
void indexFile (Optional< TextExtractor > extractor, AbstractFile aFile, String mimeType, boolean indexContent)
boolean indexTextFile (AbstractFile aFile)

Private Attributes

final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(Indexer.class.getName())

Detailed Description

File indexer, processes and indexes known/allocated files, unknown/unallocated files and directories accordingly

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Member Function Documentation

BlackboardAttribute org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.Indexer.checkAttribute ( String  key,
String  value 

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void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.Indexer.createMetadataArtifact ( AbstractFile  aFile,
Map< String, String >  metadata 
boolean org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.Indexer.extractStringsAndIndex ( AbstractFile  aFile)
boolean org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.Indexer.extractTextAndIndex ( Optional< TextExtractor extractorOptional,
AbstractFile  aFile,
Map< String, String >  extractedMetadata 
) throws IngesterException

Extract text with Tika or other text extraction modules (by streaming) from the file Divide the file into chunks and index the chunks

extractorOptionalThe textExtractor to use with this file or empty.
aFilefile to extract strings from, divide into chunks and index
extractedMetadataMap that will be populated with the file's metadata.
true if the file was text_ingested, false otherwise
IngesterExceptionexception thrown if indexing failed

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References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.textextractors.TextExtractor.getMetadata(), and org.sleuthkit.autopsy.textextractors.TextExtractor.getReader().

CharSource org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.Indexer.getMetaDataCharSource ( Map< String, String >  metadata)

Pretty print the text extractor metadata.

metadataThe Metadata map to wrap as a CharSource
A CharSource for the given Metadata

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void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.Indexer.indexFile ( Optional< TextExtractor extractor,
AbstractFile  aFile,
String  mimeType,
boolean  indexContent 

Adds the file to the index. Detects file type, calls extractors, etc.

extractorThe textExtractor to use with this file or empty if no extractor found.
aFileFile to analyze.
mimeTypeThe file mime type.
indexContentFalse if only metadata should be text_ingested. True if content and metadata should be index.

Extract unicode strings from unallocated and unused blocks and carved text files. The reason for performing string extraction on these is because they all may contain multiple encodings which can cause text to be missed by the more specialized text extractors used below.

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References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.ingest.IngestJobContext.fileIngestIsCancelled(), org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.IngestStatus.METADATA_INGESTED, org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.IngestStatus.SKIPPED_ERROR_INDEXING, org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.IngestStatus.SKIPPED_ERROR_TEXTEXTRACT, and org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.IngestStatus.TEXT_INGESTED.

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.process().

boolean org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.Indexer.indexTextFile ( AbstractFile  aFile)

Adds the text file to the index given an encoding. Returns true if indexing was successful and false otherwise.

aFileText file to analyze

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References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.textextractors.TextFileExtractor.getReader(), and org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.IngestStatus.TEXT_INGESTED.

Member Data Documentation

final Logger org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.KeywordSearchIngestModule.Indexer.logger = Logger.getLogger(Indexer.class.getName())

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