Autopsy User Documentation  4.10.0
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Translating This Document

The Autopsy user base is global. You can help out by translating the UI and this documentation.

Translating Documentation

This section outlines how to translate this user documentation. To translate, you will need:

The Autopsy documentation is created by Doxygen from ".dox" text files in the docs/doxygen-user folder in the Github repository.

The first step is to fork the Autopsy Repository into your Git account and make a clone of it into your environment so that you can make edits to the files.

As you are editing, you can review your documentation by installing Doxygen and running 'doxygen' from within the translations folder. It will save the HTML to the 'user-docs' folder.

Translating To a New Language

If there is not already documentation in a language, then you need to make a copy of the entire English 'doxygen-user' folder and name it 'doxygen-user_AB' where AB is replaced by the 2 character country code. For example, 'doxygen-user_fr' for French and 'doxygen-user_ja' for Japanese.

Edit the Doxyfile to update the OUTPUT_LANGUAGE field. For English it has:


Now, simply start translating the English documents.

Updating The Documentation

When new releases are made and the English documentation is updated, the other languages should be updated as well. To determine what has changed:

$ cd docs/doxygen-user_fr
$ git log -n 1 .
commit 94e4b1042af47908dd4a0b2959b3f6c3d4af1111
Author: John Doe <>
Date: Tue Jan 1 22:56:09 2019 -0500
update to quick start

This shows you that commit 94e4b1042af47908dd4a0b2959b3f6c3d4af1111 was the last translation update to occur for the French version.

$ git diff 94e4b1042af47908dd4a0b2959b3f6c3d4af1111 ../doxygen-user
diff --git a/docs/doxygen-user/central_repo.dox b/docs/doxygen-user/central_repo.dox
index 83d3407e8..e8cd01c1b 100644
--- a/docs/doxygen-user/central_repo.dox
+++ b/docs/doxygen-user/central_repo.dox
@@ -79,6 +79,16 @@ Descriptions of the property types:
- Phone numbers are currently only extracted from call logs, contact lists and message, which come from the Android Analyzer module.
- <b>USB Devices</b>
- USB device properties come from the registry parsing in the Recent Activity Module.
+- <b>Wireless Networks</b>
+ - Wireless networks are correlated on SSIDs, and come from the registry par

Committing the Documentation

You should submit a Github Pull Request when:

To get the code committed, send a pull request to the main Autopsy repository.

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