Download Version 4.6.0 for Windows

3rd party add-on modules can be found on the wiki.

You can find other versions of Autopsy at:

You can run Autopsy 4 on Linux and OS X, but it must be built from source code. Autopsy 2 also runs on Linux and OS X and can be downloaded from here.


Six files are made available with each release:

  • autopsy-X.X.X-32bit.msi: A 32-bit Windows installer.
  • autopsy-X.X.X-64bit.msi: A 64-bit Windows installer.
  • A platform for developers to write modules against.
  • One .asc file (GPG signature) for each of the above files.


See the Support page for details on reporting bugs.


Announcements of new releases are sent to the sleuthkit-announce and sleuthkit-users email lists and the RSS feed .