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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Blackboard.ArtifactsPostedEvent Class Reference

Public Member Functions

Collection< BlackboardArtifactgetArtifacts ()
Collection< BlackboardArtifactgetArtifacts (BlackboardArtifact.Type artifactType)
Collection< BlackboardArtifact.Type > getArtifactTypes ()
Optional< Long > getIngestJobId ()
String getModuleName ()

Detailed Description

An event published by SleuthkitCase when one or more artifacts are posted. Posted artifacts should be complete (all attributes have been added) and ready for further analysis.

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Member Function Documentation

Collection<BlackboardArtifact> org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Blackboard.ArtifactsPostedEvent.getArtifacts ( )

Gets the posted artifacts.

The artifacts (data artifacts and/or analysis results).

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Collection<BlackboardArtifact> org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Blackboard.ArtifactsPostedEvent.getArtifacts ( BlackboardArtifact.Type  artifactType)

Gets the posted artifacts of a given type.

artifactTypeThe artifact type.
The artifacts, if any.

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Collection<BlackboardArtifact.Type> org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Blackboard.ArtifactsPostedEvent.getArtifactTypes ( )

Gets the types of artifacts that were posted.

The types.

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Optional<Long> org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Blackboard.ArtifactsPostedEvent.getIngestJobId ( )

Gets the numeric identifier of the ingest job for which the artifacts were posted.

The ingest job ID, may be null.

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String org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Blackboard.ArtifactsPostedEvent.getModuleName ( )

Gets the display name of the module that posted the artifacts.

The display name.

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