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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM Enum Reference

Public Member Functions

short getValue ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static short toInt (Set< TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM > metaFlags)
static Set< TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUMvaluesOf (short metaFlags)

Public Attributes

 ALLOC =(1, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.allocated"))
 Metadata structure is currently in an allocated state. More...
 COMP =(16, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.compressed"))
 The file contents are compressed. More...
 ORPHAN =(32, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.orphan"))
 Return only metadata structures that have no file name pointing to the (inode_walk flag only) More...
 UNALLOC =(2, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.unallocated"))
 Metadata structure is currently in an unallocated state. More...
 UNUSED =(8, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.unused"))
 Metadata structure has never been allocated. More...
 USED =(4, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.used"))
 Metadata structure has been allocated at least once. More...

Detailed Description

The allocated status of the file system file, as reported in the metadata structure of the file system. This is the meta_flags column in the tsk_files table.

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Member Function Documentation

short org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM.getValue ( )

Get meta flags short value

the long value of meta flags

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static short org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM.toInt ( Set< TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM metaFlags)

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Referenced by org.sleuthkit.datamodel.SleuthkitCase.setFileUnalloc().

String org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM.toString ( )

Get string label of the metal flags

string meta flags label

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static Set<TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM> org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM.valuesOf ( short  metaFlags)

Returns all the enum elements that match the flags in metaFlag

metaFlagsFlags to convert to Enums.
matching TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM elements

Definition at line 247 of file

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.datamodel.SleuthkitCase.setFileUnalloc().

Member Data Documentation

org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM.COMP =(16, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.compressed"))

The file contents are compressed.

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM.ORPHAN =(32, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.orphan"))

Return only metadata structures that have no file name pointing to the (inode_walk flag only)

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM.UNALLOC =(2, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.unallocated"))
org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_META_FLAG_ENUM.UNUSED =(8, bundle.getString("TskData.tskFsMetaFlagEnum.unused"))

Metadata structure has never been allocated.

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