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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.TextMarkupLookup Interface Reference

Inherited by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.keywordsearch.HighlightedTextMarkup.

Public Member Functions

TextMarkupLookup createInstance (long objectId, String keywordHitQuery, boolean isRegex, String originalQuery)

Detailed Description

BC debugging notes: This seems to represent a combination of the content, query, isRegexp and origialQuery that can be passed around. It is used by BlackboardArtifactNode.getHighlightLookup and getLookups to add the markup concept to the node.

I find this very confusing. It doesn't seem to need lookup in its current form, but (I think) exists because BlackboardArtifactNode is in Autopsy core and the SOLR highlighter is in KeywordSearch module.

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Member Function Documentation

TextMarkupLookup org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.TextMarkupLookup.createInstance ( long  objectId,
String  keywordHitQuery,
boolean  isRegex,
String  originalQuery 

Create an instance of the given TextMarkupLookup object.

objectIdId of the object (file or artifact) for which to get highlights
keywordHitQuerykeyword hit that needs to be highlighted
isRegexwhether the original query was a regex query
originalQuery(regex or literal) that may need to be performed again to get all ContentHit results

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.datamodel.BlackboardArtifactNode.getHighlightLookup().

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