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Setting Up Multi-user Cluster


Autopsy can be setup to work in an environment where multiple users on different computers can have the same case open at the same time. To set up this type of environment, you will need to configure additional (free and open source) network-based services.

The basic concept is that you'll have a central:

Each Autopsy client will then use those shared resources instead of the embedded versions that are used for single-user cases.


Cluster Installation and Configuration

Let's now step through the process of setting up an Autopsy cluster. When you setup the network services, write down the addresses, user names, and passwords for each so that you can more easily configure each of the client systems afterwards.

Step 1: Pick Your Hardware / VM Configuration

Step 2: Pick Your User Accounts

Step 3: Set Up Shared Storage

Step 4: Install and Configure PostgreSQL

Step 5: Install and Configure Solr

Step 6: Install and Configure ActiveMQ

Step 7: Install Autopsy Clients

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