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Object Detection

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The Object Detection module uses OpenCV to try to detect objects in images.

The Experimental Module must be enabled to run this module.


To start, you will need some classifiers, which are xml files. Autopsy can not create classifiers - do a web search for "train OpenCV classifiers" to find information on how to make classifiers, or visit the OpenCV page.

Once you have your set of classifiers, copy them into the folder "object_detection_classifiers" in your Autopsy user directory. On Windows, this will normally be found in "C:\Users\<uesr name>\AppData\Roaming\Autopsy". If you can't find the directory, try to run the module as described in the next section. The warning message will tell you where the module expects the classifiers to be.


Running the Ingest Module

You can run the object detection module by enabling it when running ingest. There is no further configuration needed. If you have not added any classifiers, or have put the classifiers in the wrong place, you'll see a warning bubble.


Any files that had objects detected in them will appear in under "Objects Detected". The result tree will show which classifiers matched each image.


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