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Recent Activity Module

What Does It Do

The Recent Activity module extracts user activity as saved by web browsers (including web searches), installed programs, and the operating system. It also runs Regripper on the Registry hive.

This allows you to see what activity has occured in the last seven days of usage, what web sites were vistied, what the machine did, and what it connected to.


Configuring Custom Web Categories

The Recent Activity module will create "Web Categories" results for domains that match a list of categories. There are some built-in categories, but custom categories can also be entered through the "Custom Web Categories" tab on the main options panel. These custom categories will override any matching built-in category.


The buttons below the list of categories allow you to enter new categories, edit existing categories, and delete categories. You can also export your list of categories and import a set of categories that was previously exported from this panel. Importing a set will add its categories to the current list (existing categories will not be deleted).

The category match for each domain will be listed in the "Name" column in the result viewer.


Using the Module

Ingest Settings

There are no run-time settings for this module.

Seeing Results

Results show up in the tree under "Extracted Content".


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