Autopsy  4.19.3
Graphical digital forensics platform for The Sleuth Kit and other tools.
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org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer Class Reference

Inherits ModuleInstall.

Public Member Functions

 Installer ()
void close ()
boolean closing ()
void restored ()
void uninstalled ()
void validate () throws IllegalStateException

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean isJavaFxInited ()

Private Member Functions

void updateConfig ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void addGstreamerPathsToEnv ()
static void ensureClassifierFolderExists ()
static void ensureOcrLanguagePacksFolderExists ()
static void ensurePythonModulesFolderExists ()
static void initializeSevenZip ()
static void initJavaFx ()
static void loadDynLibraries ()
static void preloadJython ()
static void preloadTranslationServices ()

Private Attributes

final List< ModuleInstall > packageInstallers

Static Private Attributes

static volatile boolean javaFxInit = false
static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(Installer.class.getName())
static final long serialVersionUID = 1L

Detailed Description

Wrapper over Installers in packages in Core module. This is the main registered installer in the MANIFEST.MF.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.Installer ( )

Member Function Documentation

static void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.addGstreamerPathsToEnv ( )

Add the Gstreamer bin and lib paths to the PATH environment variable so that the correct plugins and libraries are found when Gstreamer is initialized later.

Definition at line 298 of file

References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.coreutils.PlatformUtil.is64BitJVM().

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.loadDynLibraries().

void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.close ( )

Definition at line 510 of file

boolean org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.closing ( )
static void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.ensureClassifierFolderExists ( )

Make a folder in the config directory for object detection classifiers if one does not exist.

Definition at line 338 of file

References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.coreutils.PlatformUtil.getObjectDetectionClassifierPath().

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.restored().

static void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.ensureOcrLanguagePacksFolderExists ( )

Make a folder in the config directory for Ocr Language Packs if one does not exist.

Definition at line 356 of file

References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.coreutils.PlatformUtil.getOcrLanguagePacksPath().

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.restored().

static void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.ensurePythonModulesFolderExists ( )

Make a folder in the config directory for Python Modules if one does not exist.

Definition at line 347 of file

References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.coreutils.PlatformUtil.getUserPythonModulesPath().

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.restored().

static void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.initializeSevenZip ( )

Initializes 7zip-java bindings. We are performing initialization once because we encountered issues related to file locking when initialization was performed closer to where the bindings are used. See JIRA-6528.

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Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.restored().

static void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.initJavaFx ( )
static boolean org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.isJavaFxInited ( )

Check if JavaFx initialized

false if java fx not initialized (classes could not load), true if initialized

Definition at line 258 of file

References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.javaFxInit.

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.timeline.OpenTimelineAction.isEnabled().

static void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.loadDynLibraries ( )
static void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.preloadJython ( )
static void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.preloadTranslationServices ( )

Runs an initial load of the translation services to speed up subsequent loads.

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References org.sleuthkit.autopsy.texttranslation.TextTranslationService.getInstance().

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.restored().

void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.restored ( )
void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.uninstalled ( )

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void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.updateConfig ( )
void org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.validate ( ) throws IllegalStateException

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Member Data Documentation

volatile boolean org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.javaFxInit = false

Definition at line 67 of file

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.isJavaFxInited().

final Logger org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.logger = Logger.getLogger(Installer.class.getName())

Definition at line 66 of file

final List<ModuleInstall> org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.packageInstallers

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final long org.sleuthkit.autopsy.core.Installer.serialVersionUID = 1L

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