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class  ArtifactCacheKey
class  NewSearchListener

Public Member Functions

List< BlackboardArtifact > get (DomainSearchArtifactsRequest request) throws DiscoveryException

Static Private Attributes

static final LoadingCache< ArtifactCacheKey, Map< String, List< BlackboardArtifact > > > cache
static final int MAXIMUM_CACHE_SIZE = 10
static final NewSearchListener newSearchListener = new NewSearchListener()
static final int TIME_TO_LIVE = 5

Detailed Description

Caches artifact requests.

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Member Function Documentation

List<BlackboardArtifact> ( DomainSearchArtifactsRequest  request) throws DiscoveryException

Get artifact instances that match the requested criteria. If the request is new, the results will be automatically loaded.

requestArtifact request, specifies type, Case, and domain name.
A list of matching artifacts.
DiscoveryExceptionAny error that occurs during the loading process.

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Member Data Documentation

final LoadingCache<ArtifactCacheKey, Map<String, List<BlackboardArtifact> > >
Initial value:
= CacheBuilder.newBuilder()
.expireAfterWrite(TIME_TO_LIVE, TimeUnit.MINUTES)
.build(new DomainSearchArtifactsLoader())

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final int = 10

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final NewSearchListener = new NewSearchListener()

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final int = 5

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