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Public Member Functions

 ArtifactTypeFilter (Collection< ARTIFACT_TYPE > types)
List< ResultapplyAlternateFilter (List< Result > currentResults, SleuthkitCase caseDb, CentralRepository centralRepoDb, SearchContext context) throws DiscoveryException, SearchCancellationException
String getDesc ()
Collection< ARTIFACT_TYPE > getTypes ()
String getWhereClause ()
boolean useAlternateFilter ()

Private Member Functions

StringJoiner joinStandardArtifactTypes ()

Private Attributes

final Collection< ARTIFACT_TYPE > types

Detailed Description

A filter to specify artifact types.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( Collection< ARTIFACT_TYPE >  types)

Construct a new ArtifactTypeFilter.

typesThe list of BlackboardArtifact types to include in results from.

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Member Function Documentation

List<Result> ( List< Result currentResults,
SleuthkitCase  caseDb,
CentralRepository  centralRepoDb,
SearchContext  context 
) throws DiscoveryException, SearchCancellationException

Run a secondary filter that does not operate on table.

currentResultsThe current list of matching results; empty if no filters have yet been run.
caseDbThe case database
centralRepoDbThe central repo database. Can be null if the filter does not require it.
contextThe SearchContext the search which is applying this filter is being performed from.
The list of results that match this filter (and any that came before it)
SearchCancellationExceptionThrown when the user has cancelled the search.

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String ( )

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Collection<ARTIFACT_TYPE> ( )

Get the list of artifact types specified by the filter.

The list of artifact types specified by the filter.

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String ( )
StringJoiner ( )
boolean ( )

Indicates whether this filter needs to use the secondary, non-SQL method applyAlternateFilter().

false by default

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Member Data Documentation

final Collection<ARTIFACT_TYPE>

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