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com.basistech.df.cybertriage.autopsy.ctapi.util.CTHostIDGenerationUtil Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static String generateLicenseHostID ()

Static Private Attributes

static String cachedId = ""
static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(CTHostIDGenerationUtil.class.getName())
static final String USER_NAME = System.getProperty("")

Detailed Description

Utility class to generate license hostID and Target hostID for malware scan


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Member Function Documentation

static String com.basistech.df.cybertriage.autopsy.ctapi.util.CTHostIDGenerationUtil.generateLicenseHostID ( )

Host ID Algorithm: Get MAC address from License4J. Get MD5 hash of it and grab the first 16 characters of the hash. Get user name that Cyber Triage is running as. MD5 hash of user name. Grab first 16 characters. Concatenate them and separate with underscore. Example: c84f70d1baf96420_7d7519bf21602c24


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References com.basistech.df.cybertriage.autopsy.ctapi.util.CTHostIDGenerationUtil.cachedId, and com.basistech.df.cybertriage.autopsy.ctapi.util.Md5HashUtil.getMD5MessageDigest().

Referenced by com.basistech.df.cybertriage.autopsy.ctapi.CTApiDAO.getLicenseInfo().

Member Data Documentation

String com.basistech.df.cybertriage.autopsy.ctapi.util.CTHostIDGenerationUtil.cachedId = ""
final Logger com.basistech.df.cybertriage.autopsy.ctapi.util.CTHostIDGenerationUtil.LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(CTHostIDGenerationUtil.class.getName())

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final String com.basistech.df.cybertriage.autopsy.ctapi.util.CTHostIDGenerationUtil.USER_NAME = System.getProperty("")

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