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Public Member Functions

List< Long > getOldValue ()
Object getSource ()
SourceType getSourceType ()

Protected Member Functions

 TskDataModelObjectsDeletedEvent (String eventName, List< Long > deletedObjectIds)

Private Attributes

final List< Long > deletedObjectIds

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 1L

Detailed Description

An abstract base class for application events published when one or more Sleuth Kit Data Model objects for a case have been deleted.

This class extends AutopsyEvent. The AutopsyEvent class extends PropertyChangeEvent to integrate with legacy use of JavaBeans PropertyChangeEvents and PropertyChangeListeners as an application event publisher-subcriber mechanism. Subclasses need to decide what constitutes "old" and "new" objects for them.

For this class the "old" values are the unique numeric IDs (TSK object IDs, case database row IDs, etc.) of the deleted TSK Data Model objects. There are no "new" values. Subclasses are encouraged to provide less generic getters with descriptive names for the unique IDs than the override of the inherited getOldValue() method below. These getters can be implemented by delegating to getOldValue().

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( String  eventName,
List< Long >  deletedObjectIds 

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Member Function Documentation

List<Long> ( )
Object ( )

Gets the event source type (local or remote) as a string.

A string, either "LOCAL" or "REMOTE."

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SourceType ( )

Member Data Documentation

final List<Long>

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final long = 1L

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