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Inherits CallableSystemAction, Toolbar, and ActionListener.


class  ReportWorker

Public Member Functions

 ReportWizardAction ()
void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
HelpCtx getHelpCtx ()
String getName ()
Component getToolbarPresenter ()
void performAction ()
void setEnabled (boolean value)

Static Public Member Functions

static void doReportWizard (String configName, boolean displayCaseSpecificData, boolean runReports)
static Set< String > getReportConfigNames ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void saveReportingConfiguration (String configName, WizardDescriptor wiz) throws ReportConfigException

Private Attributes

final JButton toolbarButton = new JButton()

Static Private Attributes

static final String ACTION_NAME = NbBundle.getMessage(ReportWizardAction.class, "ReportWizardAction.actionName.text")
static final boolean DISPLAY_CASE_SPECIFIC_DATA = true
static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ReportWizardAction.class.getName())
static ReportGenerationPanel panel
static final String REPORTING_CONFIGURATION_NAME = "ReportAction"
static final boolean RUN_REPORTS = true

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

void ( ActionEvent  e)

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static void ( String  configName,
boolean  displayCaseSpecificData,
boolean  runReports 

When the Generate Report button or menu item is selected, open the reporting wizard. When the wizard is finished, create a ReportGenerator with the wizard information, and start all necessary reports.

configNameName of the reporting configuration to use
displayCaseSpecificDataFlag whether to use case specific data in UI panels or to use all possible result types
runReportsFlag whether to produce report(s)

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HelpCtx ( )

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String ( )

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static Set<String> ( )

Returns a set of the existing report profile names, removing the special named ReportAction.

A set of user configurable report profiles, empty list is returned if none were found.

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Referenced by org.sleuthkit.autopsy.commandlineingest.CommandLineIngestSettingsPanel.doesReportProfileNameExist(), and org.sleuthkit.autopsy.commandlineingest.CommandLineIngestSettingsPanel.setupReportList().

Component ( )

Returns the tool bar component of this action

component the tool bar button

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void ( )

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static void ( String  configName,
WizardDescriptor  wiz 
) throws ReportConfigException
void ( boolean  value)

Set this action to be enabled/disabled

valuewhether to enable this action or not

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Member Data Documentation

final String = NbBundle.getMessage(ReportWizardAction.class, "ReportWizardAction.actionName.text")

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final boolean = true

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final Logger = Logger.getLogger(ReportWizardAction.class.getName())

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final String = "ReportAction"

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final boolean = true

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final JButton = new JButton()

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