The Sleuth Kit  4.11.1
TskCaseDb Member List

This is the complete list of members for TskCaseDb, including all inherited members.

addImage(int numImg, const TSK_TCHAR *const imagePaths[], TSK_IMG_TYPE_ENUM imgType, unsigned int sSize)TskCaseDb
clearLookupDatabases() (defined in TskCaseDb)TskCaseDb
m_tag (defined in TskCaseDb)TskCaseDb
newDb(const TSK_TCHAR *path)TskCaseDbstatic
openDb(const TSK_TCHAR *path)TskCaseDbstatic
setKnownBadHashDb(TSK_TCHAR *const indexFile) (defined in TskCaseDb)TskCaseDb
setNSRLHashDb(TSK_TCHAR *const indexFile) (defined in TskCaseDb)TskCaseDb
~TskCaseDb() (defined in TskCaseDb)TskCaseDb

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