The Sleuth Kit  4.11.1
base Directory Reference


file  crc.c
file  crc.h
file  md5c.c
 Local copy of RSA Data Security, Inc.
file  mymalloc.c
 These functions allocate and reallocate memory and set the error handling functions when an error occurs.
file  sha1c.c
 Local copy of the public domain SHA-1 library code by David Ireland.
file  tsk_base.h
 Contains the type and function definitions that are needed by external programs to use the TSK library.
file  tsk_base_i.h
 Contains the general internal TSK type and function definitions.
file  tsk_endian.c
 Contains the routines to read data in different endian orderings.
file  tsk_error.c
 Contains the error handling code and variables.
file  tsk_error_win32.cpp
file  tsk_list.c
 tsk_lists are a linked list of buckets that store a key in REVERSE sorted order.
file  tsk_lock.c
file  tsk_os.h
 Contains some OS-specific type settings.
file  tsk_parse.c
 Contains code to parse specific types of data from the command line.
file  tsk_printf.c
 These are printf wrappers that are needed so that we can easily print in both Unix and Windows.
file  tsk_stack.c
 Contains the functions to create and maintain a stack, which supports basic popping, pushing, and searching.
file  tsk_unicode.c
 A local copy of the Unicode conversion routines from
file  tsk_unicode.h
 Contains the definitions for Unicode-based conversion methods.
file  tsk_version.c
 Contains functions to print and obtain the library version.
file  XGetopt.c
 Parses arguments for win32 programs – written by Hans Dietrich.

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