The Sleuth Kit  4.11.1
auto Directory Reference


file  auto.cpp
 Contains C++ code that creates the base file extraction automation class.
file  auto_db.cpp
 Contains code to populate SQLite database with volume and file system information from a specific image.
file  case_db.cpp
 Contains class definition for TskCaseDb class to handle creating/opening a case database and adding images to it.
file  db_sqlite.cpp
 Contains code to perform operations against SQLite database.
file  guid.cpp
file  guid.h
file  is_image_supported.cpp
file  tsk_auto.h
 Contains the class definitions for the automated file extraction classes.
file  tsk_auto_i.h
file  tsk_case_db.h
 Contains the class that creates a case-level database of file system data.
file  tsk_db.cpp
 Contains code related to abstract TSK database handling class.
file  tsk_db.h
 Contains TSK interface to abstract database handling class.
file  tsk_db_sqlite.h
 Contains the SQLite code for maintaining the case-level database.
file  tsk_is_image_supported.h

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