The Sleuth Kit  4.11.1
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apfs_superblock Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint64_t alloc_blocks
uint64_t created_timestamp
uint64_t er_state_oid
uint64_t extentref_tree_oid
uint32_t extentref_tree_type
uint64_t features
uint64_t flags
char formatted_by [APFS_MODIFIED_NAMELEN]
uint32_t fs_index
uint64_t incompatible_features
uint64_t last_mod_time
uint64_t last_xid
uint32_t magic
struct {
   uint32_t   cpflags
   uint32_t   key_os_version
   uint16_t   key_revision
   uint16_t   major_version
   uint16_t   minor_version
   uint32_t   persistent_class
   uint16_t   unused
char name [APFS_VOLNAME_LEN]
uint32_t next_doc_id
uint64_t next_inum
uint64_t num_directories
uint64_t num_files
uint64_t num_other_fsobjects
uint64_t num_snapshots
uint64_t num_symlinks
apfs_obj_header obj_hdr
uint64_t omap_oid
uint64_t quota_blocks
uint64_t readonly_compatible_features
uint64_t reserve_blocks
uint16_t reserved
uint64_t revert_to_sblock_oid
uint64_t revert_to_xid
uint16_t role
uint64_t root_to_xid
uint64_t root_tree_oid
uint32_t root_tree_type
uint64_t snap_meta_tree_oid
uint32_t snap_meta_tree_type
uint64_t total_blocks_alloced
uint64_t total_blocks_freed
struct {
   char   kext_ver_str [APFS_MODIFIED_NAMELEN]
   uint64_t   last_xid
   uint64_t   timestamp
unmount_logs [APFS_MAX_HIST]
uint64_t unmount_time
uint8_t uuid [16]

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