The Sleuth Kit  4.11.1
swapfs.c File Reference

Contains the internal "swapfs" specific functions. More...

#include "tsk_fs_i.h"


TSK_FS_INFOswapfs_open (TSK_IMG_INFO *img_info, TSK_OFF_T offset)

Detailed Description

Contains the internal "swapfs" specific functions.

The "swap" file system is used to process an arbitrary chunk of data as 4096-byte pages that have no other structure. This means that you can use the data-level tools, but that is it. This is similar to the rawfs code, but a different block size. This is primarily intended for Unix systems that have a swap space partition. Much of the code for swap and rawfs are similar and therefore share tsk_fs_nofs_XXXX functions, such as tsk_fs_nofs_close()

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