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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Account Class Reference


class  Type

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (Object obj)
long getAccountID ()
Account.Type getAccountType ()
String getTypeSpecificID ()
int hashCode ()

Detailed Description

An entity that has a type and a unique (within that type) identifier . Example types include a Bank Account, Credit Card, Email address, Phone number, phone, Application, Web-site login, etc. Accounts are unique to the case.

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Member Function Documentation

boolean org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Account.equals ( Object  obj)

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long org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Account.getAccountID ( )

Gets a case-specific unique identifier for this account (from the database)

unique row id.

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Referenced by org.sleuthkit.datamodel.CommunicationsManager.getRelationshipSources(), and org.sleuthkit.datamodel.CommunicationsManager.getRelationshipSourcesCount().

Account.Type org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Account.getAccountType ( )

Gets the account type

account type

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String org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Account.getTypeSpecificID ( )

Gets unique identifier (assigned by a provider) for the account. Example includes an email address, a phone number, or a website username.

type specific account id.

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Referenced by org.sleuthkit.datamodel.blackboardutils.CommunicationArtifactsHelper.addCalllog(), org.sleuthkit.datamodel.blackboardutils.CommunicationArtifactsHelper.addMessage(), and org.sleuthkit.datamodel.CommunicationsManager.getAccountFileInstances().

int org.sleuthkit.datamodel.Account.hashCode ( )

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