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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountInstance Class Reference

Inherits Comparable< OsAccountInstance >.


enum  OsAccountInstanceType

Public Member Functions

int compareTo (OsAccountInstance other)
boolean equals (Object obj)
DataSource getDataSource () throws TskCoreException
long getInstanceId ()
OsAccountInstanceType getInstanceType ()
OsAccount getOsAccount () throws TskCoreException
int hashCode ()

Detailed Description

An OsAccountInstance represents the appearance of a particular OsAccount on a particular data source.

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Member Function Documentation

int org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountInstance.compareTo ( OsAccountInstance  other)
boolean org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountInstance.equals ( Object  obj)
DataSource org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountInstance.getDataSource ( ) throws TskCoreException

Returns the data source for this account instance.

Return the data source instance.

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References org.sleuthkit.datamodel.SleuthkitCase.getDataSource().

long org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountInstance.getInstanceId ( )

Gets the instance ID of this OS account instance.

The instance ID.

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OsAccountInstanceType org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountInstance.getInstanceType ( )

Returns the type for this OsAccount instance.


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OsAccount org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountInstance.getOsAccount ( ) throws TskCoreException

Returns the OsAccount object for this instance.

The OsAccount object.
TskCoreExceptionException thrown if there is an error querying the case database.

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References org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountManager.getOsAccountByObjectId(), and org.sleuthkit.datamodel.SleuthkitCase.getOsAccountManager().

int org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountInstance.hashCode ( )

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