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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.ReadContentInputStream Class Reference

Inherits InputStream.


class  ReadContentInputStreamException

Public Member Functions

 ReadContentInputStream (Content content)
int available () throws IOException
void close () throws IOException
long getCurPosition ()
long getLength ()
 additional methods to facilitate stream seeking More...
boolean markSupported ()
int read () throws ReadContentInputStreamException
int read (byte[] b) throws ReadContentInputStreamException
int read (byte[] b, int off, int len) throws ReadContentInputStreamException
long seek (long newPosition)
long skip (long n) throws IOException

Detailed Description

InputStream to read bytes from a Content object's data

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org.sleuthkit.datamodel.ReadContentInputStream.ReadContentInputStream ( Content  content)

Member Function Documentation

int org.sleuthkit.datamodel.ReadContentInputStream.available ( ) throws IOException

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void org.sleuthkit.datamodel.ReadContentInputStream.close ( ) throws IOException

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long org.sleuthkit.datamodel.ReadContentInputStream.getCurPosition ( )

Get current position in the stream

current offset in bytes

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long org.sleuthkit.datamodel.ReadContentInputStream.getLength ( )

additional methods to facilitate stream seeking

Get total length of the stream

number of bytes that can be read from this stream

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boolean org.sleuthkit.datamodel.ReadContentInputStream.markSupported ( )

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int ( ) throws ReadContentInputStreamException
int ( byte[]  b) throws ReadContentInputStreamException
int ( byte[]  b,
int  off,
int  len 
) throws ReadContentInputStreamException
long ( long  newPosition)

Set new current position in the stream, up to and including EOF

newPositionnew position in the stream to be set
the actual position set, which can be less than position passed in if EOF has been reached

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long org.sleuthkit.datamodel.ReadContentInputStream.skip ( long  n) throws IOException

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