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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TaggingManager.BlackboardArtifactTagChange Class Reference

Public Member Functions

BlackboardArtifactTag getAddedTag ()
List< BlackboardArtifactTaggetRemovedTags ()

Detailed Description

Object to store the tag change from a call to addArtifactTag.

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Member Function Documentation

BlackboardArtifactTag org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TaggingManager.BlackboardArtifactTagChange.getAddedTag ( )

Returns the newly created tag.

Add artifact tag.

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Referenced by org.sleuthkit.datamodel.SleuthkitCase.addBlackboardArtifactTag().

List<BlackboardArtifactTag> org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TaggingManager.BlackboardArtifactTagChange.getRemovedTags ( )

Returns a list of the artifacts tags that were removed.


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