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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM Enum Reference

Public Member Functions

String getLabel ()
short getValue ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM valueOf (short dir_type)

Public Attributes

 BLK =(4, "b")
 Block device NON-NLS. More...
 CHR =(2, "c")
 Character device NON-NLS. More...
 DIR =(3, "d")
 Directory NON-NLS. More...
 FIFO =(1, "p")
 Named pipe NON-NLS. More...
String label
 LNK =(6, "l")
 Symbolic link NON-NLS. More...
 REG =(5, "r")
 Regular file NON-NLS. More...
 SHAD =(8, "h")
 Shadow inode (solaris) NON-NLS. More...
 SOCK =(7, "s")
 Socket NON-NLS. More...
 UNDEF =(0, "-")
 Unknown type. More...
 VIRT =(10, "v")
 Special (TSK added "Virtual" files) NON-NLS. More...
 VIRT_DIR =(11, "V")
 Special (TSK added "Virtual" directories) NON-NLS. More...
 WHT =(9, "w")
 Whiteout (openbsd) NON-NLS. More...

Detailed Description

The type of the file system file, as reported in the name structure of the file system. This is the dir_type column in the tsk_files table.

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Member Function Documentation

String org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.getLabel ( )

Get the label string

the label string value

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static TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.valueOf ( short  dir_type)

Convert to the enum type from the short value

dir_typeenum type value to convert
converted long value

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Member Data Documentation

org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.BLK =(4, "b")

Block device NON-NLS.

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.CHR =(2, "c")

Character device NON-NLS.

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.FIFO =(1, "p")

Named pipe NON-NLS.

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String org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.label

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.LNK =(6, "l")

Symbolic link NON-NLS.

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.SHAD =(8, "h")

Shadow inode (solaris) NON-NLS.

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.SOCK =(7, "s")

Socket NON-NLS.

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.UNDEF =(0, "-")

Unknown type.

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.VIRT =(10, "v")

Special (TSK added "Virtual" files) NON-NLS.

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Referenced by org.sleuthkit.datamodel.AbstractFile.isVirtual().

org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.VIRT_DIR =(11, "V")

Special (TSK added "Virtual" directories) NON-NLS.

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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.TskData.TSK_FS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM.WHT =(9, "w")

Whiteout (openbsd) NON-NLS.

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