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Stream extension directory entry structure for exFAT file systems. More...

#include <tsk_exfatfs.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t data_length [8]
 Length of the data. Max 256M for directories.
uint8_t entry_type
 0xC0 if allocated, 0x40 if deleted
uint8_t file_name_hash [2]
 Hash of up-cased file name.
uint8_t file_name_length_UTF16_chars
 Number of characters in UTF16 name contained in following file name directory entries.
uint8_t first_cluster_addr [4]
 Cluster address of first data block.
uint8_t flags
 Flags: Allocation possible, no FAT chain, custom.
uint8_t reserved1
uint8_t reserved2 [2]
uint8_t reserved3 [4]
uint8_t valid_data_length [8]
 How much actual data has been written to the file. Must be less than data_length.

Detailed Description

Stream extension directory entry structure for exFAT file systems.

It will be preceded by a file directory entry and followed by 1-17 file name directory entries. The stream and file name entries are secondary entries. A file entry and its stream and file name entries constitute a file directory entry set.

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