The Sleuth Kit  4.11.1
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uint8_t boot_code [390]
 Boot program.
uint8_t bytes_per_sector
 Power of 2. Minimum 2^9 = 512 bytes, maximum 2^12 = 4096 bytes.
uint8_t cluster_cnt [4]
 Number of clusters in the cluster heap.
uint8_t cluster_heap_offset [4]
 Sector address of the data region.
uint8_t drive_select
 Used by INT 13.
uint8_t fat_len_in_sectors [4]
 Size of FAT in sectors.
uint8_t fat_offset [4]
 Sector address of first FAT.
uint8_t fs_name [8]
uint8_t fs_revision [2]
uint8_t jump_to_boot_code [3]
uint8_t must_be_zeros [53]
 Must be 0x00.
uint8_t num_fats
 1 or 2 (only 2 if TexFAT is in use)
uint8_t partition_offset [8]
 Sector address.
uint8_t percent_of_cluster_heap_in_use
 Percentage of the heap in use.
uint8_t reserved [7]
uint8_t root_dir_cluster [4]
 Cluster address of the root directory.
uint8_t sectors_per_cluster
 Power of 2. Minimum 2^1 = 2. Maximum is dependant on the fact that the max cluster size is 32 MiB.
uint8_t signature [2]
uint8_t vol_flags [2]
 Flags: ActiveFAT, Volume Dirty, Media Failure, Clear to Zero, and Reserved.
uint8_t vol_len_in_sectors [8]
 Size of total volume in sectors.
uint8_t vol_serial_no [4]
 Volume serial number.

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