The Sleuth Kit  4.11.1
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TSK_HDB_INFO Struct Reference

Represents an open hash database. More...

#include <tsk_hashdb.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t(* accepts_updates )()
uint8_t(* add_entry )(TSK_HDB_INFO *, const char *, const char *, const char *, const char *, const char *)
uint8_t(* begin_transaction )(TSK_HDB_INFO *)
void(* close_db )(TSK_HDB_INFO *)
uint8_t(* commit_transaction )(TSK_HDB_INFO *)
 Database file path, may be NULL for an index only database.
char db_name [TSK_HDB_NAME_MAXLEN]
 Name of the database, for callbacks.
 Type of database.
const TSK_TCHAR *(* get_db_path )(TSK_HDB_INFO *)
const char *(* get_display_name )(TSK_HDB_INFO *)
const TSK_TCHAR *(* get_index_path )(TSK_HDB_INFO *, TSK_HDB_HTYPE_ENUM)
uint8_t(* has_index )(TSK_HDB_INFO *, TSK_HDB_HTYPE_ENUM)
tsk_lock_t lock
 Lock for lazy loading and idx_lbuf.
int8_t(* lookup_raw )(TSK_HDB_INFO *, uint8_t *, uint8_t, TSK_HDB_FLAG_ENUM, TSK_HDB_LOOKUP_FN, void *)
int8_t(* lookup_str )(TSK_HDB_INFO *, const char *, TSK_HDB_FLAG_ENUM, TSK_HDB_LOOKUP_FN, void *)
int8_t(* lookup_verbose_str )(TSK_HDB_INFO *, const char *, void *)
uint8_t(* make_index )(TSK_HDB_INFO *, TSK_TCHAR *)
uint8_t(* open_index )(TSK_HDB_INFO *, TSK_HDB_HTYPE_ENUM)
uint8_t(* rollback_transaction )(TSK_HDB_INFO *)
uint8_t transaction_in_progress
 Flag set and unset when transaction are begun and ended.
uint8_t(* uses_external_indexes )()

Detailed Description

Represents an open hash database.

Instances are created using the tsk_hdb_open() API and are passed to hash database API functions.

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