The Sleuth Kit  4.11.1
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TSK_IMG_WRITER Struct Reference

Public Attributes

TSK_RETVAL_ENUM(* add )(TSK_IMG_WRITER *img_writer, TSK_OFF_T addr, char *buffer, size_t len)
TSK_OFF_T batOffset
uint32_t blockSize
unsigned char ** blockToSectorBitmap
uint32_t * blockToSectorNumber
int cancelFinish
TSK_RETVAL_ENUM(* close )(TSK_IMG_WRITER *img_writer)
TSK_RETVAL_ENUM(* finish_image )(TSK_IMG_WRITER *img_writer)
int finishProgress
unsigned char * footer
int hadErrorExtending
TSK_OFF_T imageSize
int inFinalizeImageWriter
int is_finished
TSK_OFF_T nextDataOffset
int outputFileHandle
uint32_t sectorBitmapArrayLength
uint32_t sectorBitmapLength
uint32_t sectorsPerBlock
uint32_t totalBlocks

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