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org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountRealmManager Class Reference


class  OsRealmUpdateResult
enum  OsRealmUpdateStatus

Public Member Functions

OsAccountRealm getRealmByRealmId (long id) throws TskCoreException
Optional< OsAccountRealmgetWindowsRealm (String accountSid, String realmName, Host referringHost) throws TskCoreException, OsAccountManager.NotUserSIDException
OsAccountRealm newWindowsRealm (String accountSid, String realmName, Host referringHost, OsAccountRealm.RealmScope realmScope) throws TskCoreException, OsAccountManager.NotUserSIDException
OsRealmUpdateResult updateRealm (OsAccountRealm realm, String realmAddr, String realmName) throws TskCoreException

Detailed Description

Create/Retrieve/Update OS account realms. Realms represent either an individual host with local accounts or a domain.

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Member Function Documentation

OsAccountRealm org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountRealmManager.getRealmByRealmId ( long  id) throws TskCoreException

Get the realm from the given row id.

idRealm row id.
TskCoreExceptionon error

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Optional<OsAccountRealm> org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountRealmManager.getWindowsRealm ( String  accountSid,
String  realmName,
Host  referringHost 
) throws TskCoreException, OsAccountManager.NotUserSIDException

Get a windows realm by the account SID, or the domain name. The input SID is an user/group account SID. The domain SID is extracted from this incoming SID.

accountSidAccount SID, may be null.
realmNameRealm name, may be null only if accountSid is not null.
referringHostReferring Host.
Optional with OsAccountRealm, Optional.empty if no matching realm is found.
OsAccountManager.NotUserSIDExceptionIf the SID is not a user SID.

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Referenced by org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountManager.getWindowsOsAccount().

OsAccountRealm org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountRealmManager.newWindowsRealm ( String  accountSid,
String  realmName,
Host  referringHost,
OsAccountRealm.RealmScope  realmScope 
) throws TskCoreException, OsAccountManager.NotUserSIDException

Create realm based on Windows information. The input SID is a user/group SID.The domain SID is extracted from this incoming SID.

accountSidUser/group SID. May be null only if name is not null.
realmNameRealm name. May be null only if SID is not null.
referringHostHost where realm reference is found.
realmScopeScope of realm. Use UNKNOWN if you are not sure and the method will try to detect the correct scope.
TskCoreExceptionIf there is an error creating the realm.
OsAccountManager.NotUserSIDExceptionIf the SID is not a user SID.

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References org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountRealm.ScopeConfidence.INFERRED, and org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountRealm.ScopeConfidence.KNOWN.

Referenced by org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountManager.newWindowsOsAccount().

OsRealmUpdateResult org.sleuthkit.datamodel.OsAccountRealmManager.updateRealm ( OsAccountRealm  realm,
String  realmAddr,
String  realmName 
) throws TskCoreException

Updates the realm address and/or name, if a non blank address/name is specified and the current address/name is blank.

NOTE: This will not merge two realms if the updated information exists for another realm (i.e. such as adding an address to a realm that has only a name and there is already a realm with that address).

@param realm      Realm to update.
@param realmAddr  Realm address, may be null if the address doesn't need
                  to be updated.
@param realmName  Realm name, may be null if the name doesn't need to be

@return OsRealmUpdateResult Update status and updated realm.

@throws TskCoreException If there is a database error or if a realm

already exists with that information.

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