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FATFS_INFO Struct Reference

Public Attributes

char boot_sector_buffer [FATFS_MASTER_BOOT_RECORD_SIZE]
tsk_lock_t cache_lock
TSK_DADDR_T clustcnt
uint32_t csize
TSK_RETVAL_ENUM(* dent_parse_buf )(FATFS_INFO *a_fatfs, TSK_FS_DIR *a_fs_dir, char *a_buf, TSK_OFF_T a_buf_len, TSK_DADDR_T *a_sector_addrs, int recursion_depth)
uint32_t dentry_cnt_cl
uint32_t dentry_cnt_se
TSK_RETVAL_ENUM(* dinode_copy )(FATFS_INFO *a_fatfs, TSK_INUM_T a_inum, FATFS_DENTRY *a_dentry, uint8_t a_cluster_is_alloc, TSK_FS_FILE *a_fs_file)
tsk_lock_t dir_lock
struct {
   uint64_t   first_sector_of_alloc_bitmap
   uint64_t   length_of_alloc_bitmap_in_bytes
TSK_INUM_T fat1_virt_inum
TSK_INUM_T fat2_virt_inum
uint8_t fatc_ttl [FATFS_FAT_CACHE_N]
TSK_DADDR_T firstclustsect
TSK_DADDR_T firstdatasect
TSK_DADDR_T firstfatsect
TSK_FS_INFO fs_info
uint8_t(* inode_lookup )(FATFS_INFO *a_fatfs, TSK_FS_FILE *a_fs_file, TSK_INUM_T a_inum)
uint8_t(* inode_walk_should_skip_dentry )(FATFS_INFO *a_fatfs, TSK_INUM_T a_inum, FATFS_DENTRY *a_dentry, unsigned int a_selection_flags, int a_cluster_is_alloc)
void * inum2par
int8_t(* is_cluster_alloc )(FATFS_INFO *fatfs, TSK_DADDR_T clust)
uint8_t(* is_dentry )(FATFS_INFO *a_fatfs, FATFS_DENTRY *a_dentry, FATFS_DATA_UNIT_ALLOC_STATUS_ENUM a_cluster_is_alloc, uint8_t a_do_basic_tests_only)
uint8_t(* istat_attr_flags )(FATFS_INFO *a_fatfs, TSK_INUM_T a_inum, FILE *a_hFile)
TSK_DADDR_T lastclust
uint32_t mask
TSK_INUM_T mbr_virt_inum
uint8_t numfat
uint16_t numroot
TSK_DADDR_T rootsect
uint32_t sectperfat
uint16_t ssize
uint16_t ssize_sh
int using_backup_boot_sector

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